Daycare versus Nanny

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Daycare versus Nanny

Daycare versus Nanny

It’s a dilemma found in the home of almost every working parent. Should you keep your little ones at home, or should you find a daycare to send them to. It’s an unfortunate fact that this can be a difficult decision, as both options have their own advantages and disadvantages parents need to consider. The best place to start is by paying special attention to each child’s individual needs. This will help make a choice which is safe, healthy and comfortable for their child.

While the advantages of hiring a nanny are definitely attractive, there is always a question of expense related to this choice. However, if this option is chosen your children avoid homesickness and don’t have the need to be exposed to crowds of new faces at a daycare center. They can enjoy the nurturing comfort of the home and being in an atmosphere they are already familiar and comfortable with. Parents can go about their day with the peace of mind that their child is safe at home, with no risk of unnecessary transportation or meetings with strangers.

Hiring a nanny or babysitter is also advantageous for those parents who work from home. Not only do they have an extra pair of hands to assist with their children, but they can also benefit from direct surveillance of how the nanny or babysitter cares for the child or children. Parents can enjoy the beauty of having lunch with their children before returning to work. Parents working outside of the home return at the end of the day to children who are already in comfortable surroundings without needing ‘down time’ to recover from the rambunctious, noisy and likely overcrowded daycare facility.

When your child is sick, daycare facilities will normally refuse your child from attending until they have recuperated. This results in either scrambling to find another sitter, or missing work to stay home to care for your child. However, in the home environment this is easier to manage. A nanny or babysitter can still care for the child while sticking to normal routines. This is something which is quite important for the wellbeing of children on both emotional and psychological levels, especially when it comes to toddlers and infants.

However, there are disadvantages to having babysitters and nannies. These include the higher cost required for the individualized attention they provide for your child. While for many the difference isn’t an issue, they find the extra cost well worth the peace of mind. But when calculating the cost into your budget, make sure you remember to factor in the lost time scrambling for babysitters when your children are sick, and when you have to miss work as a result. This may well be reason enough to choose a nanny over daycare regardless of the increased cost. Remember though, nannies get sick too, so it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan just in case.

Daycare versus Nanny

One advantage of sending your child to daycare is the socialization aspect. Exposure to other children gives them a more group-oriented approach to learning. Parents and nannies are no longer the only people interacting with and providing discipline for your child. They learn through interaction with others.

Most daycare centers are subject to state and federal laws put in place to insure the safety of children. In addition, private daycare centers are often able to receive accreditation from independent, non-governmental resources. This can give parents the added assurance that their children will receive quality childcare from experienced and certified people.

Keep in mind that finding appropriate daycare also requires shopping around for one which meets not only your standards but has the ‘fit’ you require for your family. This process can be just as demanding as the nanny search, if not more so. Just as with nannies, there are many daycare centers with a variety of different quality levels, different child care philosophies and other considerations. Make sure your choice is made on your own terms, and not those of someone else.

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