How to Save Money on Cable TV

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How to Save Money on Cable TV

How to Save Money on Cable TV

Cable television originated in the late 1940s as a method of providing programming to households that could not receive broadcast signals. But due to protests from local television stations, it didn’t become widely available until the early 1980s. Today, almost every household has it.
Cable TV allows us to stay informed, and it provides entertainment. It is not, however, a necessity. Even so, many subscribers refuse to give it up. They do not want to miss their favorite shows, the latest news or the hottest movies. So when it comes time to trim the budget, they look elsewhere.
Actually, it is possible to save money on cable without dropping it altogether. Here are some ideas to consider.
* Make sure you have the package that best meets your viewing habits. If you get lots of channels that you don’t watch, maybe you could switch to a cheaper package.
* Check out the competition. Another cable company may or may not be an option. But don’t forget about satellite TV. You can get it almost anywhere, and the programming packages are often much cheaper.
* If you like your cable company, give them a call and tell them you are considering canceling your service due to pricing. Have lower prices from the competition ready to cite if needed. They may offer you a promotional deal as an incentive to stay with them.
* Drop the pay channels, or at least cut back on them. Do you really need ten different movie channels? Unless you watch them all at least once a week, probably not.

* Ask your cable company about package deals. They usually offer discounts when you purchase cable, phone and internet service from them. Check the package price against what you’re paying for those services individually, and if it’s lower, consider signing up.
* Steer clear of pay-per-view and video on demand services. They may offer convenience and great programming, but they are quite expensive. Besides, you can often watch the same thing somewhere else for less.
* Find substitutes for cable. You could try an unlimited DVD rental service such as Netflix to get your movie fix, and check the latest local, national and world headlines online. Networks also make some of their shows available online. With all of these resources, you might not miss a thing by ditching cable.
Cable is a convenient source of entertainment, and for some, it is the only one they can afford. While we could all save money from abstaining from TV altogether, there’s no harm in keeping cable if you watch it enough to justify the expense. By searching for the best deals and cutting out what you don’t need, you can enjoy cable without putting a big strain on your budget.

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