Save Money on Pet Medication Online

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Save Money on Pet Medication Online

Save Money on Pet Medication Online

Almost all pet owners will admit the health of their furry family members is just as important as that of the human members of their family. However, these tough economic times have pretty much everyone looking for less expensive alternatives for almost everything they purchase. Pet medication is no different.

Depending on your veterinarian, certain medications could cost hundreds of dollars. These prices can vary drastically from one vet’s office to another for the simple fact there is no regulating entity in most countries. On average we spend over three billion dollars on prescriptions as well as over-the-counter drugs for our pets in one year. Not to mention the cost of trips to the veterinarian.

By opting to purchase your pet’s medications online, you are not only saving money but gaining in convenience as well. The internet is now providing pet owners with options which weren’t available before.

There are pet medication websites enabling pet owners to purchase almost any prescription medication or medical supplies for many types of animals. Not only cat and dog owners can benefit, but also owner of a variety of other species. The reason these sites are able to sell the medication at such a low price has a lot to do with the quantity they buy at one time. While they buy in bulk quantities, veterinary offices buy very limited amounts of a particular medication at any given time.

If you are considering looking into this option for your next purchase of medication or medical supplies for your pet, the following steps will ensure you have everything in order to proceed with the process:

1. Obtain a written copy of your pet’s medication from your vet. This is required for you to make any online purchase of medication, flea and tick control or any other prescription-only articles you may need for your pet.

2. Research the different discount pet medication sites to do some comparison shopping. A few of the more popular sites to choose from are, and Don’t forget to include shipping charges in your calculations.

Save Money on Pet Medication Online

3. Once you have chosen your online pet pharmacy, follow the site instructions to make your purchase. There are some slight differences among sites. Some require pet owners to send a fax of the prescription while setting up a free account. This helps keep track of what medications your pet has taken in the past. Other sites will allow the owner to complete all the information needed, through to check-out for payment. At the end of the transaction you will be asked to fax a copy of the prescription to the pharmacy. Once all information is verified with the veterinarian, the order is then processed.

4. When the medication arrives, compare what you have received with the original prescription. Also verify dosage information to check for errors. If you are unsure about any of the dosage information or the procedure for administration of the medication, please contact your vet.

5. Read any enclosed information that came with your pet’s medication before administering anything.

A few of the online pet pharmacies even sell prescription medical supplies such as IV medications, injectable medications, IV lines and needles, syringes and other supplies required to care for dogs and cats with chronic illnesses and special needs.

The convenience and the money you could save by dealing with online pet pharmacies is well worth the research it would take to get you started. You could save enough time from not having to run to get prescriptions to have time for an extra walk or other play-time with your pet.

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