Use Pharmacy Coupons and Save Money

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Use Pharmacy Coupons and Save Money

Use Pharmacy Coupons and Save Money

It’s about time that pharmacies have joined the coupon bandwagon. For years, grocery stores have offered cents off coupons to attract customers. They buy a particular item, use a coupon, and the customer saves a little bit of money. The grocery store then turns those in and is reimbursed. It’s actually a win-win situation that many pharmacies have been neglecting.

Larger chain pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS have started printing their own coupon books to entice customers to come to their stores. Quite often the coupons can include buy-one-get-one-free items. Customers to these stores, if they shop wisely, can save a good deal of money.

Pharmacies under the Rite Aid banner have a sign-up page on their website where you can sign up and immediately receive $50 worth of coupons, as well as special product offers and other services you may find useful. You can even receive $50 if you transfer two prescriptions over to Rite Aid.

Pick up coupons at the pharmacy as you are walking up and down the aisles while waiting for your prescriptions to be prepared. If there is a coupon for the same brand of deodorant your husband uses, even if he doesn’t need any today, you can still start your frugal pharmacy routine now instead of putting it off. Simply go up and down the aisles and see if there are coupons available for any of your regularly used products, and check the expiry date. If you have a few weeks or even months before the expiration date, it never hurts to pick them up now while you have them on your mind.

Visit the websites of your favorite manufacturers, such as Robitussin or Johnson & Johnson. Even those sites of your preferred vitamin brand, hair care products or facial cleansers could have offers available on their sites, potentially allowing for extra discounts if your particular pharmacy allows for doubling up on coupons.

Finding those wonderful two-for-one coupons work great, especially if they are for your usual brand of shampoo or conditioner and you pharmacy allows for doubling up on coupons. You could potentially end up paying a dollar or less for two bottles of brand name articles. It may not seem like a lot saving 30 cents here or a dollar there, but if done wisely, people could potentially save $100 or more in the course of a year with the proper use of coupons.

Use Pharmacy Coupons and Save Money

Don’t forget to ask your doctor or health care professional if they happen to have any samples or coupons which they could pass out to you. When different pharmaceutical companies their offices deal with put a new product on the market, they either receive sample sizes, coupons or both. They are so busy most of the time they forget to mention them, but if you ask, they usually have one or the other. Maybe even both.

It’s the same situation at pharmacies. They don’t always remember they have particular rebate or mail-in rebate coupons, especially on high-ticket items such as glucose monitors or blood pressure monitors. By watching for coupons online or at the pharmacy itself, if you are prescribed one of these monitors you are usually able to get one free, with the coupon along with the purchase of any lancets in the case of the glucose meters. This can become a considerable savings to you, as these monitors aren’t cheap.

So before heading to the pharmacy, don’t forget to check online for any coupons you could use, as well as what is available at the pharmacy itself while you’re waiting for your prescriptions to be filled. What better pastime is there than saving money?

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